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"In 2011,I moved into a house in Islandview NB. At the time, my wife and I had no idea what we were facing for yard work as we moved into the house in March of that year.

That spring, we discovered that the septic field had to be replaced and the work was commissioned in June of 2011. My wife and I felt it was a good time to retrofit the property as it was not in great shape. We contacted stately Elm Lawn Care to undertake a series of projects for us. They seeded and rejuvenated my lawn beyond its original condition, installed a rock wall enforced flower garden and trimmed a number of unsightly trees along our property line as part of the project . Not only did they do the job professionally, but their prices were reasonable and they guaranteed their work.

I would recommend Stately Elm to anyone who wishes to have work done in an reasonable ,professional manner. They pride themselves on customer service and satisfaction. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE WHO NEEDS LAWN CARE."

— Bob Atwin

"I believe from good, caring people you get great, responsible work. Charlie Cameron and his team at Stately Elm Lawn Care will always go the extra for you. Beyond a doubt SELC made sure Wheels and Deals had the best, retaining wall, flower beds, shrubbery and grass in Fredericton. We wanted nice and we got excellent."

– Hugs, Jim Gilbert

 "We built the house of our dreams in 2012 and when it came time to
landscape our property we chose Stalely Elm. We were very pleased with our experience. They were very easy to work with through all stages of the project. From helping us with the initial design to seeing it through our satisfaction, the company definitely showed their dedication to quality work. The landscaping completed the look of our property and has made the house feel like home. We would highly recommend them."

– J Higgs and P Murphy

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